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Friday, April 11, 2014

Daniel Crommie "Rarities 1976 - 2008" set for release

A collection of recordings made between 1976 and 2008 will be released at Band Camp on Tuesday, May 27th. Some of these confections were previously made available on cassette EP's and out-of-print albums, but most have not been released before - such as a demo version of Floating in Limbo and Plainsong, a solo dulcimer tune from 1976.

Here's the track listing:

01Fast By the River - Recorded in 1982
02. O Deadly Dwale - Recorded in 1978
03. The Gazelle - Recorded in 1979 
04. Plainsong - Recorded in 1976
05. The Proud Father of My Garden - Recorded in 1982
06. Fear of Negative - Recorded in 1983
07. Fresh Fish Flesh - Recorded in 1986, remixed in 2012
08. We Are Both Virgins  - Recorded in 1986, remixed in 2012
09. The Hard Winters Fall - Recorded in 1994
10. Thingamajigwhatchamacallit (long) - Recorded in 1998
11. Made for TV (edit) - Recorded in 1995
12. Mango (vocal version) - Recorded in 1996
13. Mouse (space dub) - Recorded in 1996/2000
14. Still Standing (2010 mix) - Recorded in 2005
15. Floating in Limbo (early version) - Recorded in 2008

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The BIG New Weave cassette giveaway!

Upon discovering a cache of cassettes, NEW WEAVE is offering back catalogue titles on cassette from Daniel Crommie, Group Du Jour and Janie Mitchell. Go to Band Camp and order a chrome cassette (very cheap and VIA Pay Pal) and we'll send you a FREE mystery bonus cassette for your trouble. Buy two and you receive a Shadowgraph poster too! Several titles will be also made available at Amazon too. All come with the original J-card artwork, sturdy case and on chrome tape with Dolby B.

Monday, February 24, 2014

An Interview With Daniel Crommie

Read A recently published online interview for Vents Magazine with Daniel Crommie, where Daniel talks about his past, present and future musical projects and working with the Jade Warriors.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Precious Time" - 25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition released

On Tuesday, March 25th, New Weave released a newly-remixed deluxe edition of Daniel's ground-breaking 1989 album "Precious Time" exclusively at Band Camp. This new remastered edition digitally remixed in January 2014 from the original DBX-encoded cassette portastudio multitrack tapes includes all of the tracks from the original 1989 cassette album, the bonus track from the 1998 CD release, plus an additional previously unreleased track. This is the best sounding master of this milestone album. 

Here's a 1990 review: "Crommie’s musical timespan stretches from the middle ages right through a digital sampler into 1990. He plays instruments as diverse as the recorder, the psaltery, the synth, and the dulcimer, and creates gorgeous compositions which utilize medieval sounds alloyed with a new age aesthetic. Your first comparison might be to Mark Isham’s music, although Crommie is more delicate – he doesn’t go in for Isham’s grandiloquence. Crommie’s synthesizers are subtle, creating a sort of dreamy context which allows the acoustic instruments’ voices plenty of room. If you’re into medieval music, you may hear it in a new light on this tape. And if your taste runs to new age, this is a must, a distinct cut above the audio anesthesia you hear from the larger new age labels these days." – John Baxter Option Magazine / March 1990.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Saturnalia Trio, Group Du Jour & Daniel Crommie releases at Band Camp

More albums from Saturnalia Trio and Daniel Crommie have been added at Band Camp for download - and CD's can be purchased as well. "Of Mosaic & Muse", "Waiting for the Sky to Fall", "The Mystery Plays", "The Juturna Codex", "Mercury Rising" and "The Last Thing I Remember" and more are now available at special prices. Additionally, a Band Camp-only release PsychedelicMedievalSpaceJazz - a compilation of mostly unreleased tracks is downloadable for the low price of $5! Remember - when you buy downloads from New Weave artists at Band Camp you're supporting the artists directly. When you buy downloads, CD's, etc through Pay Pal, none of the proceeds get siphoned off to distributors or middlemen.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Band Camp exclusive release from Daniel Crommie

A new album of rarities has been released as a Band Camp exclusive for the low price of $5. PsychedelicMedievalSpaceJazz features eight tracks recorded between 1996-2008 - out-takes from Sargasso Manuscript and Life Rattle including an extended mix of "The Spell is Broken". Much of this was previously released in 2006 as a limited release under the title of "PsychedelicMedievalJazz". All instruments: Daniel Crommie except on Distant Train Calling where Jess Fry played percussion samples. 

Here is the track listing: 

1. The Spell is Broken (extended mix #2) 2. Flutter & Fade 3. Bug Zapper Waltz 4. Warning 5. Short Circuit 6. The Zenith Curse 7. Faces in Stone 8. Distant Train Calling

total time: 46 minutes

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Daniel Crommie "A Silent Sea" released

A new ambient album "A Silent Sea" was released at iTunes, Amazon, etc on Tuesday, February 4th 2014. This instrumental set includes contributions from Eldon Hardenbrook, Jon Davis Miller and Michael Treadwell and features several ethnic flutes - some of which were built by Daniel Crommie. You can download it from Band Camp several weeks earlier for a mere $7. Here is the track listing: 

1. Lunar Asters
2. Samain
3. All Saints Day
4. Contrails
5. A Silent Sea
6. Chasing Phantom Ships
7. Megasaurus
8. Two Lynx
9. Ice Fractals
10. Bamboo Bird
11. Ecuador
12. A Silent Sea (reprise)
13. Outposts
14. Etude #1

Contemplative. Experimental. Melodic. Dissonant. Quiet. Dynamic. Soporific. Other-worldly. Organic. Electro-acoustic. Neo-ethnic. Fluty. Enigmatic. Improvisational. Moody. Colorful. Textural. Poetic. Cinematic. Wallpaper. 

"A Silent Sea is a beautifully crafted album and one I can imagine myself revisiting, albeit sparingly and only when the setting, mood and moment are correct. In those circumstances it makes for a powerful companion." Steven Reid - Sea of Tranquility

Read the full eview here